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Helpful Resources While “Sheltering in Place”

It's a tough time everywhere, and our wonderful Petaluma paradise is among them. With the "Shelter in Place" order issued in all of Sonoma County, it can be hard to find some semblance of normalcy with store, service, restaurant, and school clo...

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Home Renovations and Upgrades that Pay Off

One of our best services in the industry is advising on updates and renovations to your home before it hits the market. It comes with the experience in Petaluma's homes, which ones sell (and for what price) and which ones don't (and why). Th...

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Creating a Pet Friendly Home

The cats, dogs, parakeets, hamster, boa constrictors, etc. in our lives can fill our home with love and joy, and Instagram-worthy cuteness! So, how are some ways you can give back to them through a comfy home? And what can you do to ease them w...

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Should You Trust the Zestimate?

It sometimes feels like a game to make your way over to Zillow, punch in your address, and see their estimate (Zestimate®) for how much your home is worth. Maybe you make it a yearly, monthly, or even weekly occurrence to track the ups and dow...

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The Kings’ Guide to Holidays in Petaluma

The holidays can be a hectic time. Between the gift and food shopping, trip planning, family gatherings, and countless events or traditions, how do you keep it all straight? For those looking for a nice basic and interactive guide to celebra...

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Selling Your Fixer-Upper

When preparing to sell your home, it's easy to start busting out the hammer, paint, and checkbook to fix it up to the market's standards, believing it has to be in a near-new state to sell. While a turn-key home is ideal, especially for first-t...

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Our Summer Newsletter Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS JANIS C.! We randomly selected Janis C. as the winner of $100 gift card to a local restaurant for our Summer Newsletter contest! Everyone gave great answers to the 4 questions and really showed off some Petal...

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What does “Luxury Home” mean to you?

Luxury home means so much more than "a nice place to live." It's the story that surrounds it, the amenities that some buyers just can't live without, or a home that checks all the boxes to officially be labeled a "dream home"! So, what does "l...

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

How to Prepare Your Sonoma County Home for the Fall and Winter Months The summer heat is starting to subside here in Sonoma County, at least before the typical little heatwave that strikes in at some point in October, which means that fall is ...

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