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Creating a Pet Friendly Home

The cats, dogs, parakeets, hamster, boa constrictors, etc. in our lives can fill our home with love and joy, and Instagram-worthy cuteness! So, how are some ways you can give back to them through a comfy home? And what can you do to ease them when you’re trying to sell it?

Making Space for a New PetCute bulldog

Make sure their environment is safe. That means the kitchen is clear of easily accessible toxic foods (commonly raw meat, chocolate, grapes, and onions) and pet-proofing your trash can to prevent sickly messes. On the same note, keep animals out of the cleaning cabinets!

Get durable furniture options such as those made of leather and synthetic fiber material. Bonus: They’re easy to clean as well! Even better if you can put close to a clear outdoor view that they can lounge and soak up some rays during the day.

Organize and de-clutter your home to prevent unwanted bite marks in important papers, clothing, and dangerous cords and wires. Your home will look lovely and your pet will be comfortably safe!

Create space of their own that they can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed. A cozy, low-traffic area that they can make their own with a bed, favorite toys, and water bowl will provide a comforting and safe feeling that will keep them relaxed. Great places for this include a laundry room, garage, or office space.

Enhance your yard to be pet friendly through secure gates and fences that create spaces free of dangers and obstacles your pet may injure themselves on. Create boundaries between your pet and things such as pools, fire pits, and gardens. Here’s 22 plants toxic to dogs to stay from when planting your garden!

Selling Your Home? Prepare Your Pet (and your Home)!Adorably surprised cat

Preparing your home with packing, storing, and maintenance can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast for your pet. Strangers are constantly coming and going, loud noises, and scenery changes can make them uneasy, so it may be best for them to take a short holiday at a family or friend’s house for a short time. This also gives you the chance to eliminate pet odors and damage, and give the buyers a chance to imagine moving into a fresh, pet-free home.

Pet odors are one of the biggest turn-off factors for buyers touring a home. Get them out with the help of strong pet odor remover or baking soda to remove pet urine smell. Thoroughly clean cages and tanks if your pet lives in one. After you’re done, bring in an outside source (friend or willing realtor – we’ll do it!) to give an honest “whiff-test!”

Stains and pet hair can be taken care of with dusting, vacuuming, and tough stain remover sprays. Be sure to do this before any showing, as well as hiding pet toys and accessories, to prevent triggering allergies or “yuck” reactions from potential buyers!

In conclusion…

Pets may be the center of a lot of our lives (they are SO dang cute), but it is important to make sure they feel right at home alongside you, and don’t hinder the process of selling when it’s time to find a new one!

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Still need some help and advice for next steps? Give us a call and we’ll make sure every family member feels at home!

Peg and Jeremy King make every family member feel at home