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Good Real Estate Photography Can Sell Your Home

Photos don’t do it justice

You’ve taken pride in the tireless work and hours spent fixing, cleaning, to get it ready for the market. Your trusted agent shows up, compliments the condition, takes out their cell phone and grabs a few shots. It hits the market and you see your beloved home on Zillow — dark, blurry, crooked, and completely unappealing. The photos really don’t do it justice. Real estate photography should be there to help you sell, not hinder it!

Mediocre real estate photography

Usable, but not a great picture.

Ugly photos reflect poorly on a home’s prospect of selling, especially these days where internet shoppers are prevalent and in-person viewings are more scarce. A bad first impression will likely turn away qualified buyers, leaving your home on the market for longer, which isn’t great. A good agent will insist on professional photos that bring out the best in your home, and maybe even make it look nicer than you originally thought it could!

For example, here’s of our recent listings (that accepted an offer in the first few days of hitting the market…not to brag) with some comparisons. Here is a photo we took while at the property of the wonderful dining nook and gorgeous hanging light. However, the aspect ratio is off (portrait vs landscape), the interior is a little dark since it was shot towards a bright window, and it just doesn’t show much. It’s usable, but nothing special.

Here is the same area by the professional. It uses a much wider perspective to give context to the dining nook (and show off the gorgeous kitchen), uses proper lighting and shutter speed to make it look bright and welcoming, and overall gives a much more positive vibe to the home. A huge improvement!

Great real estate photography

Gorgeous and inviting

The old adages are true: A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can’t make a second first impression. It’s incredibly important to put your best foot forward and work with someone who feels the same way about selling your home.

Our tried and true photographers for over a decade has been Milu Media. They do incredible work on any size of project, from an expansive country listing, to multi-million dollar homes, to the sweetest little cottages tucked in a neighborhood. We’ve utilized their drone capabilities, engaging videos, and twilight night shoots to maximize positive exposure of our listings and get them sold fast!

Check out their portfolio and Instagram account for great real estate eye candy!