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Thinking of Selling During Lockdown? Here’s How to Stay Safe and Sell Your Home

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These uncertain times are giving sellers and buyers pause on whether it’s the right choice to list or buy a home. The market is all over the place for the time being, but the only way to truly know whether it’s the right time to sell is by talking to a real estate agent. The right agent will be able to help you determine how and when to list your home during the pandemic. What’s important to keep in mind, however, is that new methods and strategies are being implemented to show and sell homes, and it’s changing the entire landscape of real estate.


Preparing Your Home

First things first: You’ll have to prep your home for sale, regardless of the fact that an open house is off the table.

How to declutter when prepping your home to sell.
Try this guide for keeping your house clean when it’s on the market.
Home repairs should be taken care of before you list.
Curb appeal on a budget: Make a first impression to attract house hunters.

Need a more professional touch? Jeremy and Peg King have an extensive list of professional cleaners, contractors, and organizers to meet any need before hitting the market! Just ask!

Most of This Process Will Take Place Online

During this time, real estate agents and title companies have had to get creative when it comes to listings, showings, and closings.

3-D imaging will help your listing attract attention. 
Virtual tours have become the norm for real estate.
Title companies opt for drive-through closings to maintain safety.

Jeremy and Peg King are currently taking the safest precautions for every listing, following all mandated and recommended guidelines, and still getting the showings necessary to sell the home at the highest price.

Be Prepared to Have In-Person Showings Safely

When a buyer comes with the right offer, you may have to concede to allowing an in-person showing. Your real estate agent will walk you through this.

Adhere to safety and cleaning precautions before and after showings.
Coronavirus cleaning tips to keep your home free of COVID-19.
Look for specific questions and tips when trying to hire a maid service.
Always take precautions and avoid interaction if you or a family member gets sick.

There are strict county and state guidelines that are followed to a “T” when any in-person showing takes place, ensuring a safe and sanitary home to come back to after a showing has taken place!

This is definitely uncharted territory for everyone involved in the buying and selling process. Patience, the willingness to use new technology and maintaining safety will be key factors in achieving a sale. With diligence and caution, you can make this work.

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