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4 Ways Seniors Can Make Their Move Easier

By Hazel Bridges from

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Easy Ways Seniors Can Make a New House Feel Like a Home

Moving is often a stressful experience, but it can be especially scary for senior citizens. Embracing a fresh start in a different home often requires some major lifestyle changes, but there are ways to make the process easier. Whether you’re moving to the next street or a new state, these tips from real estate agents Jeremy and Peg King will help simplify the process.

  1. Choose Your Next Home Wisely

A lot of factors will go into determining the next city you live in and which home you’ll call your own. You may not be concerned about living near the top school districts now that your kids are grown, but you still want to find a safe-yet-affordable area. Similarly, you probably don’t need a bunch of extra bedrooms, but should instead opt for a living environment that will accommodate the changes that come as we age. Here are some important details to consider when choosing your home as a senior.

  1. Pack Mindfully

Rummaging through boxes at a new home is stressful and time consuming. The more mindful you are while you’re packing, the easier time you’ll have from the beginning of your move to the end of it. Take some time to go through your belongings so you don’t move anything you no longer want or need, and be strategic about how you pack all of the items that are making the trip with you.

  1. Hire Professional Help

Seniors don’t have to go through the moving experience alone — and they shouldn’t. Consider hiring professionals not only to help you move, but also to store the items you don’t want to sort through yet or that you’re simply not ready to part with. These specialists will help you stay safe during and after the move, since you won’t have to lug heavy boxes or maneuver through excess clutter once you reach your new home.

  • What to Expect from Professional Movers
  • Ask Peg & Jeremy for their curated list of local movers they recommend:
    • Northbay – Robert Brasil: 415-479-5515×03
    • Rob & Messer Moving & Storage: 415-613-4797
    • Adams Moving: 707-762-1244
    • Bekins, Scott Kerr: 800-727-7716
    • Graf United, Peter Irving: 707-584-5121
    • Celis Moving: 707-934-5590
  1. Make Your New House a Home

Once you’ve had some time to settle into your new abode, add some touches that make it feel cozier. There are a lot of DIY projects you can do to make your space feel more like your own. You could even invite your kids and grandkids to help you!

Let Sonoma County’s Senior Moving Experts Help You Find Your New Home

Moving isn’t an overnight process, and it can be an especially stressful ordeal for seniors who are looking for a fresh start in their golden years. You can ease the transition and enter your new beginning with confidence by following the tips above and with the help of Sonoma County’s real estate experts, Peg & Jeremy King, by your side.