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LEGO House Building Contest

This Contest has Ended. Thank you!

Lego keyrack with keys hanging from it

You’ve had a lot of practice with remodeling projects and LEGO building after a year and a half cooped up inside, so now it’s time to break out and let that creativity shine!

We want to see your most creative home design projects using LEGO blocks! Show us your dream home with everyone’s favorite toy bricks and you could win $100 for yourself or your favorite local charity!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, just be sure to watch your step when you’re done! LEGO is a notorious danger to bare feet!


  • 2 Categories:
    • Under 15 Years Old
    • Over 15 Years Old
  • Submit a video and/or photo presenting your LEGO project using the form below. Please provide a video/photo without identifying yourself (for fair judgment) but also include one with you proudly standing next to it for sharing!
  • Entries will be accepted until October 4, 2021. A winner will be selected from each category within a week after the final submission.


The two (2) winners will be chosen by Jeremy’s three children (Names and identification will be removed for fairness!) and will have the option to receive $100 local gift card or $100 donated to their favorite local charity.

Lego beach house