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Petaluma Real Estate Market

Buying and selling a home in Petaluma requires expertise, insight, and a hands-on approach with the community to excel. We take everything into account from your budget, to the Petaluma climate in regards to the real estate market, to city affairs that may affect your experience of buying and selling a home.

It's important to utilize the best real estate agents Petaluma has to offer that possess the skills and experience (us!) to get the best deal, enjoy the process, and get the inside scoop on all Petaluma's real estate has to offer.

Home Sweet Home - Petaluma

Having lived in Petaluma for over 30 years, too often we take for granted what a truly heavenly place on Earth in which we live. From the pristine weather to our cherished & beautiful downtown, with a geographic location that offers the infinite beauty & diversity of the Bay Area within an hour’s drive, and a population that is friendly and community-oriented, Petaluma is the crown jewel of the North Bay.

One of the most endearing & enduring qualities of Petaluma is the way residents, architects, and builders have honored both our history and our progress by meticulously upgrading the craftsmanship & attention to detail that allow many of Petaluma’s older buildings to remain standing strongly today with the modern amenities & comforts available in the 21st Century.  There is something truly special about witnessing mills & mansions comingling, with respect & honor for the past, but always looking forward – onward & upward, toward Petaluma’s blindingly bright future.

Seemingly every week in Petaluma, there is an event or attraction taking place that brings the entire community together at once; antique faires, the Butter & Eggs Festival or Veteran’s Day parade, Art and Garden days & ARTrails, music festivals, farmers markets,  or the unique Ugliest Dog contest or the delightfully quirky Whiskerino contest. Foodies are blessed with over 130 unique & creative restaurants & delicatessens to satisfy & tantalize our refined palates with globally-inspired culinary influence. Many breweries & wineries have also popped up in recent years, experiencing unprecedented success.  

Petaluma is one of the best preserved Historic Downtown Areas and added to National Register of Historic Places in 1995. It has gone from being one of California’s largest cities in the 1860’s to the World’s Egg Basket in the early 1900’s. Petaluma is also known as the Restaurant Capital with more than 140 restaurants and delicatessens. Our very own Della Fattoria Bakery was named one of the best in the United States by Bon Appetite Magazine. For young and old, you won't want to miss the annual Butter and Egg's Day Parade! Combine shopping and dining with history as you wander through the downtown districts.  Petaluma is a great jumping off point to the area’s 200 wineries, the redwoods, the stunning Pacific Coast and the Point Reyes National Seashore. Furthermore Petaluma and Sonoma County is a world renowned bicycling haven for cyclists of all abilities, and has been the host to the Tour of California in recent years.

The urban sophistication and rural charm of Petaluma’s wildly diverse makeup often bring together everyone from dairy farmers to coffeehouse hipsters, with collars of every color mixing & merging, celebrating the unity to be discovered within our diversity – diversity that is celebrated for helping us to understand that no matter how different we may appear, we all share one important fundamental characteristic– WE ARE ALL PETALUMANS.

Inspired by our love of home,  and of course homes for sale in Petaluma, California, we sincerely hope this page will become a sounding post for all Petalumans to share their experiences, opinions, stories, reminiscences, and praises of the place we all call home. Petaluma is one of the greatest towns in America, and we intend on showing visitors to this site all of the reasons we are so proud to call the crown jewel of the North Bay HOME.

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