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Cotati, CA

When driving through Cotati, you are met with a quaint community of just over 7,000 residents. Although it is not highly populated and Sonoma County’s smallest incorporated community, it has a lot to offer. For those looking to buy new homes within close proximity to San Francisco and the ocean, there is quality Cotati CA real estate to choose from.


For those looking at Cotati CA homes who love history, this area is full of it. In fact, the Coast Miwok civilization thrived in this area, building villages near streams as early as 2000 B.C. A number of these villages are documented. However, it was when John Thomas Reed, an Irishman, made his way to the area in 1827 only to be run out by the natives after be built a cabin that they burned to the ground. The establishment of Cotati real estate was certainly not something being considered at that time because of this event.

In 1844, the area was granted to Captain Juan Castaneda by the Mexican government. However, Castaneda moved on to San Francisco without developing the area. He did not fulfill the grant’s legal requirements, so it passed on to Dr. Thomas Stokes Page and the land remained in the family for 80 years. It wasn’t until the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad moved through the area that it was developed and Cotati properties were formed.

Parks and Recreation

Cotati has over 20 acres designated for its parks. This land is consumed by Cator Field, Kotate Park (a playground), Helen Putnam Park (dog park and soccer field nearby), La Plaza Park (bandstand and local event location), and a number of others. Because there are so many parks, you are bound to find real estate in Cotati that is located near one. You can click here to see a complete list of the parks and their facilities, as well as cost to reserve parks for activities. Even if there are no homes for sale in Cotati near a specific park, all parks are within a short driving distance.

Attractions and Activities

Entertainment is a major part of Cotati, giving the Cotati home buyer a lot to consider when evaluating this community. There is a weekly Farmer’s Market between June and September, music events, festivals, and a holiday tree lighting ceremony that is held at the beginning of December. Cotati has a lot to offer, so you can obtain a list of attractions and activities from your Cotati real estate agent for the upcoming year.


Cotati is also home to a number of events. The events include the Pasta Feed and Bingo Night, which is a fundraising event held in the late winter; the Cotati Jazz Festival that occurs in June; Octoberfest every October; the mid-August Accordion Festival; the mid-July Kids Day Parade and Festival; and Cotati Earth Day in June. If considering any of the Cotati homes for sale, these are fun events that happen every year. If you want to keep track of upcoming events, you can click here or talk to your Cotati realtor about events that may interest you.