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Home Renovations and Upgrades that Pay Off

One of our best services in the industry is advising on updates and renovations to your home before it hits the market. It comes with the experience in Petaluma’s homes, which ones sell (and for what price) and which ones don’t (and why).

There are key aspects of every home that can make or break a buyer’s interest. The goal is to find the right home renovation investments that will pay for itself through higher offers and make you more money than you put in come closing day. Here’s the ones that provide the best value!

Realtor Magazine - The Renovations that Pay Off

From January/February 2020 Issue of Realtor Magazine

Paying for the Renovations and Upgrades

Sometimes coming up with the money is tough when things are tight from the expenses of moving. Coldwell Banker introduced RealVitalize this past year to help solve that problem. The RealVitalize program, with the help of HomeAdvisor, helps sellers complete repairs and upgrades by covering the upfront costs which are paid back when the home sells. It’s a great opportunity to see those value-boosting features without the hassle of spending a dime, with no payments until closing, no hidden fees, no interest charges, and no markups!

Get Smart, Home!

Of course, it’s now 2021, which sounds like a far-off future that just so happened to sneak up on us. We may not have flying cars (yet), but the Smart Home technology has come a long way! A lot of these will help boost your home’s value, too!

A 2016 Washing Post survey cited that 65% of buyers (especially millennials, the largest home-buying group today) are open to spending more on a home that is outfitted with smart devices. Not every upgrade is worth the time a money, however.

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell – One of the most popular on the market today

Here’s the smart features will get the most bang for your buck when selling your home according to the Blue Matter Coldwell Banker Blog:

  • Temperature Control
  • Security and Safety
  • Convenience
  • Compatibility with mainstream voice control devices and smart speakers

The most sought after devices are those that are permanent fixtures with voice commands that buyers can use the moment they move in. These include thermostats, smoke/gas/CO alarms, security systems, lighting, garage doors, and video doorbells, all found for relatively cheap prices compared to the return on investment when selling.