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Local Business Spotlight: Jupiter Foods

Petaluma’s focus on healthy, fresh, locally-sourced produce is alive and well with Jupiter Foods.

Jupiter Foods founder, Daniel Bleakney-Formy, thrives at managing great people and green thumbs with many years of experience in the perishable product space and florists. Placed in one of the most scenic and popular intersections in Petaluma (Petaluma Blvd. & Western Ave) it’s the prime spot for this farmers-market like offering. Their mission is simple, but crucial: “We are a socially responsible grocer, provisioning the highest quality produce and pantry staples. Our focus is on showcasing “best of class” regional and global craft foods with an emphasis on small producers. We advocate for our community to learn about a better food system.” They are the best of the best at sourcing the most local, organic, pure foods to put in your pantry and fridge!

Food Curation is Key

You don’t have to read a label for a bunch of unknown ingredients making up your foods. Jupiter Foods focuses on “Good Groceries” that are curated to be the best in class, no matter what the item is.

If the tomato paste we carry isn’t already your favorite brand it soon will be.

All of Jupiter Food’s offerings live up to a very high standard they set for themselves that include a social responsibility factor. The food producers must pass their company ethics policy, so nothing is picked by underpaid or exploited workers and companies who donated to defeat Prop 37 (labeling GMO products) won’t make it to Jupiter Foods shelves.

A Staple in Your Petaluma Pantry

Every food item is listed with the pricing and the farm where it was grown to promote transparency in the grocery business. You can rest assured that everything you buy came from a farmer that you would consider a neighbor!

They offer their list of products straight on their website every week, so you can make sure they have what you’re looking for before you venture out! Not sure what to make? Check out their recipe page for scrumptious stuff that highlight their quality products!

Next time you’re strolling down the boulevard or enjoying some river views on Water Street, don’t miss your chance to stop into Jupiter Foods for a treat! You can’t miss them with the tables of gorgeous produce sitting out, alluring you inside!

Their hours are currently Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8am to 5pm!