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How Moving Services for Seniors Make Everything Easier

By Hazel Bridges from

A Moving Van with Open Back Revealing Belongings During a Move

4 Ways a Senior Moving Manager Can Help You Move to a New Home

Moving can be daunting, especially for seniors who have to leave a place they lived for many years and created many beautiful memories. However, this can be an opportunity to provide support when your loved one needs it most.

For anyone, change is challenging, so finding someone who can provide assistance through the process is a valuable asset. To make the move manageable and to ensure everything is in place, use these simple strategies for making the moving process easier and hire a senior move manager!

  1. Moving Services Provide the Experience to Make a Move Easy

Among the benefits of hiring a senior move professional is their experience and skill for working with elders. These pros understand trends for senior living and know the resources they should use to make it easy for senior moves.

They also have the contacts necessary to provide the best value in services which saves you money on anything unnecessary or overpriced. The experience leads to a smooth transition and peace of mind, perfect for a senior relocating to a new place.

As a part of the relocation process, you also need to plan on selling your home. Some things to keep in mind include pricing your home competitively. For this, you can use an online home value estimator, which will give you an idea of the amount you can get after selling your home, however discussing your home with an experienced Realtor will provide the most accurate valuation. They will also help you with many non-traditional options to get your listing on many platforms and improve chances of getting a buyer quickly.

  1. A Realtor and Moving Manager Discussing a Move

    Senior Managers Coordinate the Entire Process

Often, senior relocations involve many people including family members who care about the safety and comfort of their loved ones. With the help of a senior manager, you can be sure your loved one will be in the right hands in the moving process.

The manager understands the health and fitness conditions different seniors need to consider, so the right steps to make the process as easy as possible are taken. No one should feel like a piece of furniture being moved from their home to another place. Senior move managers are sensitive to empowering seniors and ensure their best interests.

  1. Using a Senior Moving Manager Takes the Stress out of Moving

Aging adults should avoid experiencing the effects of stress, which can range from high blood pressure to the risk of heart attacks. If it’s the first time your family is moving a moving manager will guide you through the process with the experience of completing a successful move many times. So, you can depend on them to do things the right way and ensure your elderly loved one doesn’t need to stress .

An experienced senior move manager will prepare for unforeseen problems and ensure efficiency in the moving process. The manager can offer suggestions and moving strategies many people would never think about and improve the safety and comfort throughout the moving process.

  1. Senior Moving Managers Help You From Moving to Unpacking

The senior moving company walks with you through the entire process from the moment you decide to move to the last box being offloaded. They help you pack and move items and also unpack for the resettling. If you want to add a personal touch to your boxes, you can add custom labels (Label maker, anyone?) to make it easy to identify your things. They will ensure your possessions are handled with care the entire time.

If you prefer your new place to look like your old home, the move manager can arrange your items to mirror the same layout. Everything you want, the senior move manager can make it a reality.

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It’s a demanding process to plan and execute a move, especially if you’ve established an entire life in your current home. To make this easy for seniors, it’s important to enlist the services of a senior move manager — a professional who will make the moving process easier and more comfortable to handle for everyone involved.

Need help finding the right moving manager for your needs? Peg and Jeremy King have the knowledge and contacts to take in your unique needs and put you in touch with the perfect fit!