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Petaluma West

Experience the charm of one of the oldest cities in California. Petaluma is one of the best preserved Historic Downtown Areas and added to National Register of Historic Places in 1995. It has gone from being one of California’s largest cities in the 1860’s to the World’s Egg Basket in the early 1900’s. Petaluma is also known as the Restaurant Capital with more than 140 restaurants and delicatessens. For young and old, you won’t want to miss the annual Butter and Egg’s Day Parade! Combine shopping and dining with history as you wander through the downtown districts. Victorian homes surround this charming Riverfront town with more than 30 antique stores, gift shops, clothing boutiques, art galleries, incredible bakeries and restaurants.

West of the scenic Petaluma river features grand Victorian homes dating back to the 19th century, early 20th-century style bungalows, and one of the best preserved downtown areas in the nation that boast enough shoppingwineries, restaurants, and delicatessens to make it a must-visit destination. 

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