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What’s a PEAD and why do I have to sign one to see a home?

It’s been nearly a year since everything locked down from the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly every industry changed the way things worked, and real estate is no exception. Once homes on the market were available to see in person again (with some heavy restrictions) the “Property Entry Advisory and Declaration” (PEAD) was introduced for everyone entering and showing the home to sign. This, along with other tools and rules (scheduling showing times, cleaning surfaces after every visit, limiting entrants, etc) help protect both the buyers and sellers during the real estate process!

You can view a blank PEAD right here if you’d like to read it yourself:

Blank PEAD Form

“What am I signing?”

The multi-page document looks like something out of a bureaucratic nightmare, but the sentiment is very simple and nothing to worry about! Signing it acknowledges you understand the following:

  1. There is a risk of exposure by being out in public (and viewing homes). Shouldn’t be any surprises there for anyone!
  2. There are governmental rules put in place to reduce any unnecessary time in public.
  3. Home visitors will follow all the rules in place.
  4. The primary reason for entering a home is to check it out with the intention of potentially putting an offer on it (or other various real estate-related reasons).
  5. Entrants are responsible for following rules, exercising caution, washing your hands, practicing social distancing, avoid touching surfaces, and overall being a real germaphobe.
  6. Entrants will have electronic access to materials and information regarding the home, as well as the rules in place.
  7. And finally, you are not, to the best of your knowledge, carrying the COVID 19 virus, showing symptoms, or have been exposed to it recently.

The document also limits the number of visitors at one time to three (3) people, generally the agent and two clients.

The cleaning requirements are a large portion of the final two pages, stating the best practices for utilizing virtual tours, minimize touching surfaces, opening doors and windows for fresh air, and the properties have provided cleaning and sanitizing equipment to safely show the home.

Long Story Short

It’s a lot of scary text and rules and amendments and subsections but boiled down it’s a simple document that explains the risks of viewing homes, the steps taken to maximize safety, and an acknowledgment people who may be sick won’t be out and about. It’s important to sign this document in a timely manner when you receive it, especially if your scheduled showing time is coming up. Your agent is required to provide the document prior to opening the door, and since agents take rules and safety very seriously, it is strictly enforced!

So the next time you see it pop up in your inbox, you can rest assured you are helping keep the real estate industry safe by signing away.