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What does “Luxury Home” mean to you?

Luxury home means so much more than "a nice place to live." It's the story that surrounds it, the amenities that some buyers just can't live without, or a home that checks all the boxes to officially be labeled a "dream home"! So, what does "l...

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

How to Prepare Your Sonoma County Home for the Fall and Winter Months The summer heat is starting to subside here in Sonoma County, at least before the typical little heatwave that strikes in at some point in October, which means that fall is ...

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How do you choose between buying and renting?

Home ownership offers tax benefits as well as the freedom to make decisions about your home while renting offers peace of mind about maintenance and other financial obligations associated with owning property. So which offers you the bigge...

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Picture Perfect Home

Capturing Your Home’s “Good Side”

Photos are a potential buyer's first impression to your home. It's often what grabs their attention, for better or for worse. Great photos make or break someone making a showing appointment, deciding to attend an open house, or clicking through...

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FAQ Real Estate Agents

The Most Important Things to Ask Your Agent!

When searching for your new home, it's not enough to just fall in love from the curb (but that's definitely a start)! There are a few key things you should ask your agent (or maybe they've already told you before you had a chance...if they're r...

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A Piece of Petaluma History

It's one thing to call our new listing at 2 Liberty Street a Petaluma Historic Home (certified!), but it's another to actually track the home's owner history! Our sellers did just that to the best of their ability, and it's a fun trip throug...

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